How to keep the wellness of your dog’s coat during lockdown?

Apr 21, 2020 | Dog Wellness

Ideally all dogs should be brushed at least once a day or every 2 days. By doing this, we remove the dirt and the coat starts looking more shiny.

In long haired dogs, this daily task is a must because the long coat has a tendency  to create matts and knotts and if these matts are left unattended for a long time, the only solution would be to shave it short. On the other hand, if the coat is too close to the floor, you will probably find leaves, dry grass and all sorts of undesirable little things that we can remove while brushing daily and this way we avoid accidents and can prevent visits to the vet.

For example:

Your dog gets dry grass hanging on their back right leg in the park , then you guys head home, your dog starts getting sleepy but his ear starts itching and he starts scratching with that right back leg where that dry grass was. At this moment there is a big risk that that little dry grass has already migrated to the ear canal while your dog was scratching that ear. This is something you really want to avoid, as it is not pleasant and it can be very painful for your dog and expensive for your pocket.

Dayla looking happy after her grooming session.
Dry grass in between toes
Dry grass removed
Another type of dry grass (there are millions of types)

What tools do you need for essential maintenance?

You will need ideally a slicker brush and a metal comb, any will do and the importance in this is to get a routine to see results.

In the meantime I will show you some of my favorite tools to groom your dogs in Bubbly Tails of London :

1) Flexible slicker double brush for dogs and cats.

 What I like about this brush in particular is that the black side of the brush is for untangling and the white side is for brushing, it is very soft which means that this way we prevent brush burns from happening

Flexible slicker double brush

2) Combs : Any metal comb will do, the idea of using a comb is to see where exactly the matt or knot is forming and also it helps you to see results when you accomplish a matt free area.

(Never pull a matt with the comb as this is painful, just use it as a guide.)

My favorite comb to use in Bubbly Tails for small dogs and medium size is this one, : 

Artero Comb 18 Cm short spikes

Also you can use the following products to help you with the brushing process:  

Matt-X a spray conditioner created to help remove matts and knotts quickly and gently. 

(With this product you need to spray very little and apply only  on the little matts)


The last product I am going to show you is a product that I use with all my lovely dogs, no exception, it is called Mix. It is a conditioner spray that helps so much with the brushing. It provides softness, shines and perfume which is great to maintain your dog’s coat . Its anti- static properties allow for brushing to be effortless and it is able to keep matts free between brushing sessions.

MIX Conditioner Spray

There are plenty of products in the market and I will continue recommending the ones I have personally used in all these years of my dog grooming career.

 Dog grooming  is a massive world to discover,  but my intention here is only to help you with ideas and tips, showing you the products that work for me.   Please feel free to send me questions, ideas, to drop me an email, facetime, whatsapp, i’m here to help in any possible way I can, until we are allowed to work again…. All the best for you all, stay home, save lives and protect the NHS… Sib xxxx

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    September 11, 2020

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    May 20, 2020

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    May 14, 2020
  • positive review  Sib is the best! She is so friendly and professional and I'll be recommending her to everyone. Our rescue dog isn't the biggest fan of getting groomed and she gave updates to us while she was with him to show how much of a great time he was having with her! When I came to pick him up he looked and smelled amazing, couldn't wish for anything more.

    Maytal Akselrad Avatar Maytal Akselrad
    October 27, 2019

    positive review  Sib is simply amazing! Brilliant grooming and so affectionate with my boy. His first grooming with her was almost 3 years ago as a puppy and now, having moved out of the area, still choosing to travel so we can go back. She has a calming effect to an otherwise stubborn creature and my boy adores her.

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    positive review  Thank you so much for grooming Olive this week. She has never looked - or smelt - better!

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    June 7, 2019

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    May 19, 2019
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    May 15, 2019

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    May 6, 2019

    positive review  Sib is a great groomer, kind & gentle with the dogs, highly recommend , very professional service, your dog will be on very good hands

    Lav Lav Avatar Lav Lav
    May 5, 2019

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