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How We Do It

At Bubbly Tails of London, we give your best pet-friends the place they deserve, that’s why we offer 1-2-1 services, so your dog won’t be distracted or stressed.

Since our goal is to offer a high quality grooming experience, we do not use cages at any time.

To be sure that our lovely guests enjoy the best grooming session, we only use hypoallergenic and bio products to protect their hair and skin.

Keep reading, we are telling you everything we can offer to you and your pet below.

Bubbly Tails Full Body Groom

On arrival

You and your dog will receive a full consultation, which takes around 5 minutes, to understand your dog and their needs.

Start wash

with hypoallergenic premium dog shampoo, twice, the first to remove the dirt and the second to prepare & moisturise the coat prior to grooming.


Bubbly tails and their dogs don’t like cages / dryer boxes like many others use.


During the consultation we will discuss the style you (or your dog) prefers, and are always there to help with suggestions based on your dogs breed and activities.

Also Included:

  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear plucking (depending on your breed)
  • Nail clipping
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Haircut and style
  • Extra special dog perfume of your choice

From £50

👉 For first timers or very adventurous guests there may need to be a matting fee if the coat requires further preparation work (From £10)

Contact us to ask for a custom budget and available dates. *Remember, we are open by appointment only.
**Check our T&C

The Bubbly Stripping Session

Hand Stripping

Hand Stripping is a technique used on dogs with wiry coats to keep their skin and coat healthy and vibrant.

This technique needs to be started when your dog is young and has not been clipped before in order to make it a painless and productive treatment.

We will advise frequency of visit required depending on your dog, however as a rule of thumb most dogs should continue to be hand striped every 7-8 weeks.


  • Pulling out the dead top coat
  • Hypoallergenic Premium dog Shampoo
  • Conditioned wash
  • Blow dry by hand (no cages or dryer boxes)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping

From £65

Contact us to ask for a custom budget and available dates. *Remember, we are open by appointment only.
**Check our T&C

The Bubbly De-shedding Treatment

Bored of the hair hanging around your home? This treatment will help you and your dog enjoy your environment relatively hair free!

This treatment will remove your dog’s build-up of outgoing shedding hair helping it regulate its own temperature summer or winter.


Each dog is hand washed with specialist de-shedding shampoo twice, with a massage (enough to make you jealous!).

We then use a high velocity blow dry (with a happy hoodie to keep them chillaxed) to add volume and de-shed any remaining loose hairs.

Our specialist tools come out to focus on any areas still requiring attention!


  • Pulling out the dead top coat
  • Hypoallergenic Premium dog Shampoo
  • Conditioned wash
  • Blow dry by hand (no cages or dryer boxes)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping

From £55

Contact us to ask for a custom budget and available dates. *Remember, we are open by appointment only.
**Check our T&C

The Bubbly Wash & Blow dry

Standard care treatment

For short haired dogs this service is a standard care treatment with bathing and drying, brushing out dead hair using several tools including a furminator (depending on the breed).

Also for long hair breeds this service is meant to be a maintenance in between grooms.


  • Consultation
  • Hypoallergenic Premium dog Shampoo
  • Conditioned wash
  • Blow dry by hand (no cages or dryer boxes)
  • Professional brush through
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Teeth cleaning

From £35

Contact us to ask for a custom budget and available dates. *Remember, we are open by appointment only.
**Check our T&C

The Bubbly Tails
Add ons

Insect Removal

Most common insects in house pets are fleas and ticks.

Fleas transmit many pathogenic microorganisms and are intermediate hosts for tapeworms. In dogs, they can cause flea dermatitis (FAD).

Ticks are extremely dangerous parasites for both pets and people. They can carry Lyme disease, viral encephalitis, or canine babesiosis – an extremely dangerous and often fatal disease.


From £15


A relaxing way for your dog to get their nails clipped, its paw pads re-moisturized so they don’t become cracked and sore.



Paw and nose balm

We are aware that hydration is a must, that’s why we use ultra-nourishing balm to soften and soothe crusty noses and sore cracked pads.



Bubbly Tails of London have a few T&Cs in place from 2023 onwards:

These T&Cs are to protect Bubbly Tails, the team and your dog. Thank you for understanding.


When booking an appointment for your pet we will ask you for a £20 deposit.
Deposits are non refundable. You will be able to change your dog appointment date/time as long as you give us a 48 hours notice.
In case you do not arrive for your appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours notice we will retain your deposit.
On the day of your appointment you just pay the remaining balance.

Cancellations and no show

This issues can be very damaging to any business specially small business like Bubbly Tails. We will also ask you to arrive on time for your appointment, that way we avoid anyone else appointment being run over.

Insect Removal

If we spot ticks or fleas in your pet we will use a flea shampoo and we will need to clean down the whole salon this can cause serious delay and we implement a £10 fee.


Not every dog likes the groomers or being around other dogs, so its very important to be informed in advance of any behavioural issues.


Please arrive for your appointment on time. If you arrive later than 15 minutes we may not be able to take your appointment as this will cause lateness for the rest of the bookings of that day.
 It is important to inform us in advance if you are entrusting someone else to drop and/or collect your dog.

Collection Times

If you are late to by 30 minutes to collect your dog we will add a late fee of £8 every 30 minutes to your dog grooming cost.

Keep an eye on your phone while your dog is with us in case we need to contact you if we spot any abnormalities on the day.

Some reviews from our customers

Bubbly Tails
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Dill AnsteyDill Anstey
06:06 15 Aug 22
I couldn't actually believe how good this service was. The caravan/truck turned out to be a Miracle Tardis, capable of transforming even our unkempt and free-spirited little dog, Dee Dee (she hates brushes and baths). She went in shaggy and matted and came out 90 minutes later with the softest, best cut fur I have ever seen. No waiting, great service, no doggy trauma...how could I ask for more? Thank you so much Bubby Tails.
Simon MackieSimon Mackie
20:28 01 Jul 22
After a couple of really traumatic grooming sessions elsewhere we took our Ronnie to see Sib. After a bit of bonding we left them to their own devices. A bit later I returned to pick him up and was blown away by what Sib had been able to achieve with him. A beautifully groomed happy boy with a gorgeous summer haircut. We'll be back in 6 weeks for more pampering. Thank you!!
Olivera LekaOlivera Leka
13:36 24 Apr 22
Perfect dog groomer, our puppy was so relaxed, love the way Siboney trimmed his hair, just perfect. Can't recommend her enough, won't go to other groomers for sure.
Robert ZapalskiRobert Zapalski
07:11 13 Apr 22
Siboney is the best dog groomer we have come across and have been taking our cockapoo to her since his first trim. She's a very knowledgeable professional and expert I pet care, and we always trust her recommendations. Our pooch loves going there, and Siboney is such a lovely and caring person that we know he's well looked after.
Guy BartonGuy Barton
15:18 26 Jan 22
We had a great experience with Bubbly Tails. It was our puppies first ever proper groom and he had a great time. He has always been nervous around baths and brushing, but had a great experience with Sib, he was super happy when collected and looked amazing.
David MillarDavid Millar
12:57 01 Dec 21
I could not recommend Sib highly enough! She is so professional and really takes care of your dog and makes them feel comfortable. My dog had a bad experience at another groomers and was really shaken up afterwards, but with Sib's care she now sits perfectly while she gets her haircut. Could not be happier with the service provided! Thanks!
Isabelle HattonIsabelle Hatton
18:40 17 Sep 21
Siboney is fantastic and great value for money - only had two puppy grooms so far but they have been excellent. I swear she is a dog whisperer, our pup is super calm and happy around her. He always comes out looking great and smelling ahhh-mazing. Literally can't stop burying my face in his clean fluffed up fur. She is really knowledgeable and offers good advice, plus I love that she sends photos and videos of the process!
Bryony ThompsonBryony Thompson
16:12 15 Aug 21
Sib was fantastic!!! We are so lucky to have found bubbly tails. Sib took the time to get to know us at the start of our appointment and really checked in with us on what we wanted from the groom and how we wanted Archie to look at the end. She was so precise and so gentle with Archie. We got live updates and photos which made me smile so much!!This is honestly one of the best grooms Archie has ever had and we for sure will become regulars at Bubbly Tails. Incredible service from the first moment I messaged Sib. Thank you a million times over!!

Can’t Wait To talk to you!

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